Sunday, 19 February 2012

Where has the time gone

Wow - well far from the simple life I have created a hectic life....I am an absolute wizz at Vacola now and regularly preserve goodies - I have Mandarines, Lychees, Beetroot, Plum Pudding and Pickled Onions in the stockpile now :)  I have also bought a dehydrator and a vacuum sealer and have lots of dehydrated fruit - YUM!  I am finally starting on the house I was hoping to have finished by now but have finished my teaching degree and now am embarking on my Masters in Education.  I have also finished my Owner Builder Course and Food Supervisors Course and am hoping to become a Thermomix Consultant very soon:)  The Marriage Celebrant business is going nuts with about 25 bookings now..... I also have a part time teaching contract and spend most days exhausted.  Since the last blog post in 2011 - I have managed to kill lots of seedlings but have had monumental success with Basil, Rosemary and Chilli.  I also have lots of geranium cuttings doing very well for our new house.

This week I start Cheese!!!  I have raw milk (shhhh) and am ready to make some cheddar - I was going to start tonight and then re-read the recipe and worked out I would still be working tomorrow morning on it so I gave up and thought I would add a blog post.  I will endeavour to be more regular now but with this life who knows:)  Cheers

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