Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Oh Dear

So glad I called this post the simple life - ha haha haaaahhhaaaa rolls on floor laughing....since last posting I have managed to vacola some beetroot and it was AWESOME - even my 80 year old mum marvelled at how tasty and lovely it was ...mmmmm yum!  This is quite the accolade I must say because she is the queen of vacola in our parts :)  I have done some volunteering at the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival this last weekend and have finally become accredited as a Marriage Celebrant, so now can perform Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Anniversary Ceremonies and Commitment Ceremonies.  Instead of the simple life, I have been very busy building websites (www.weddingsbyknight.com.au) and establishing my business in the local community.

So I am feeling tired and battle weary as are my plants and surrounds!  Just a little over the world right now and children who hurt you so unwittingly but so deeply!  They have no concept of the impact they have on your sense of wellbeing.  I just wonder if the expectation of giving absolutely everything you have to them ever stops and there comes a balance with some reciprocity???  Anyway enough of the negative energy....I am back on task and tomorrow hoping I can plant out my broccoli and parsely at least and then concentrate on the sad little beetroot and silverbeet and cauliflower seedlings :)

I have more beetroot and pumpkin than I can poke a stick at after the festival on the weekend plus my son will bop me soon if I don't try the Vacola Plum Pudding idea ...so hang in there ...will let you know how I go :)


  1. you will have to make the plum puddings they are to die for and keep well, nothing better than plum pud and custard.

  2. It is great to find a newish blogger with the simple life on their mind. I will enjoy keeping up with your progress.