Friday, 29 April 2011

Vacola Rings

Well the rings finally arrived today for my vacola jars, so after a few days on the coast, I am looking forward to coming home and doing some beetroot and whatever else I can pick up cheap from the markets.  The rosella jam is still going down a treat and I am hoping to do some marmalade as the citrus is going out really cheap at the market at the moment.  Noone in the family is a real fan of marmalade but then they weren't of rosella jam until I made it either. 

I have found a lady giving away some chickens so am thinking about whether or not to actually build a little pen and have some chickens while still in the big smoke!  We had chickens years ago when the children were little - 4 gorgeous little chooks that my husband lovingly called charlie, charlie, charlie and bill!  Bill was littler than the rest otherwise he would be Charlie as well!  The kids loved them and the free range eggs were awesome - the yolks were so yellow and yummy and it was such a great way to get rid of the kitchen scraps and gather manure for the garden....think I am talking myself into it already!

While my pea has sprouted in its little pot (yes I know pretty lame that I only planted 1), I am still waiting for my other produce to poke their heads through the top of the soil.  I have had such a hard time sprouting spinach that I gave up and opted for silverbeet - maybe that will be easier and better!

So anyway, this weekend we are headed to the coast for a weekend of veterans hockey which should involve lots of catching up with old friends from all over the place and a few sherbets of one variety or another!  Really looking forward to a fun weekend and then coming home and vacola, vacola, vacola (cha cha cha).  Have a great weekend :)

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