Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Rosella Jam

Well today I made Rosella Jam!  What a triumph!  It tastes so gooey and yummy and just as I remember from when I was a child - so simple to make and to know what has gone into it is wonderful - no numbers to worry about!  I used a recipe that called for a grannysmith apple and some lemon juice.  I say this because many of the recipes I found only used rosellas and sugar.  I am not too sure what the taste difference really is but I think I will stick with this recipe as it worked first time.  I sterilised the bottles in the microwave on advice from a trusty friend so I hope that works for me.

I also had a few not so good looking rosella seed pods so I set them aside and have been researching about how to grow rosellas - lets see how I go!  I think I will need to put them in a pot and take them down to the block next time I am down so that I can plant them.  That calls for some more design work on my plan.  Given that our block is almost an acre and on a bit of a slope, I need to really be careful how I design the gardens and groves!  I know it sounds naughty but I do want a bit of lovely green grass out the front as well!!!

So all in all I am feeling a bit chuffed with my efforts and am looking forward to going out for a bike ride to the shops tomorrow to get some cider vinegar for my sweet chilli sauce - it is pouring rain here at the moment so the push bike is staying in the shed - hopefully tomorrow will be fine and I can get out and about.  I am going to make a batch of scones for the children to have warm after school so they can enjoy some fresh rosella jam as well :)


  1. Good on you for making Rosella Jam.
    I'll be putting some rosellas in come Spring so I can make jam, cordial and chutney.

  2. Thanks Judi - it is sooo yummy - everyone is eating it on scones and toast! I feel very proud of myself :)