Friday, 22 April 2011

So today was exciting - I bought a Vacola unit and some bottles - all second hand and dirty and it felt so therapuetic to wash those bottles to sparkling and clean.  To know something old and discarded could be returned to something looking like new and again useful vindicates my decision to revert to the simple life.  The process of using this unit to preserve excess crops is so exciting and I am now in the process of gathering items to preserve....I already have some beautiful rosellas and some beetroot and these will be my very first produce to experiment with.  For some - very boring but for me very exciting - if I can get this process down pat then I should be able to ensure I have the products I love in and out of season.  I have also planted some peas, cauliflower, brocoli and tomatoes as I am told these are good crops to sew in autumn.  While still living in the city, I am learning some of the tricks of the trade ready to really take on the challenge of a self sustaining lifestyle when I move to my country hideaway.  Next week, I have to embark on finding a draftsperson to draw up the plans for my house - I guess 3 quotes are in order but there is a heck of a lot of research to do to ensure I get the best bang for my much to learn :)   I am loving this sense of excitement and anticipation - but in typical corporate style, I want it all now!  I know that this needs to be an exercise in patience and winding back expectations of instantaneous "everything" that I am so used mother always said patience was a virtue and I am finally beginning to believe the wisdom in her words.

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