Friday, 22 April 2011

A Sudden Realisation

For many years I thought that chasing a career and money and fame and fortune was what life intended for me.  I worked three jobs while putting myself through part-time university, often barely getting 3 hours sleep before I jumped up, puffed a cigarette and did it all again.  I careered, drank and blissfully puffed my way through having children, buying houses and cars and engaging with friends.

Suddenly, my world came to a screeching halt when I heard the dreaded "C" word......the brakes had been applied previously when my Dad was institutionalised with Alzhiemers and we all rallied to support my Mum and deal with the terrible reality of mortality.  However, knowing suddenly that I too might be mortal and that cancer might take me away from my darling husband and children, suddenly gave me a new perspective on life.

So now I am on a journey of discovering the simple life.....this is the purpose of my blog - sharing what I am learning as I go from being a corporate high flyer to discovering the simple life of a country hideaway where I try to grow my own food, barter for the things I can't, generate my own electricity and contribute to a small country town in a truly meaningful way......

I really don't know how well I will go but if it means I never again have to dribble small and large P political garbage in the halls and watch my back at every turn then I am prepared to give it a go!  I have the block of land and am now planning on the first stages of building my eco-organic haven!  I look forward to sharing my adventures :)

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