Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Still Looking

Wowee - the more I learn the more I know I have to learn.  To think just a few weeks back I was blissfully ignorant of how much there is to know about living simply - a bit of an oxymoron really!

So I have found this great site http://www.aussieslivingsimply.com.au/ and have actually found people in the area where I am moving who have reverted to the simple life and are looking into permaculture and eco-tourism and green living.  AWESOME!!!  So I have been consumed with reading forums and websites about Mandala Gardens and Geodesic Chook Pens and Heliotrope and getting off the grid and living without shampoo - meanwhile I think my bottom is getting a little bigger from sitting around reading things on the computer.

I was delighted this afternoon to see that the pea I popped into a little pot last week has poked a shoot through the surface - I am a mother :)  Lets see if I can actually get it to produce peas as my last effort with snow peas was an unmitigated disaster!  I am very talented at growing chillis and basil but I think I need a little more than that to be self sufficient.  It is all learning and now that I have moved from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence, I am consumed with the need to know more about the complexities of living simply!  So for today, I am still looking !!!!

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